Frequently asked questions 

Can I order a specific color and size?


We have a large stock of socks and most of them are NOT listed on Etsy, as we sell to other retail stores etc, so it is likely that we do have a sock that you will like in your size.  So just reach out to us with your preferences.

It takes time to get the yarn to the knitters in the various regions of Azerbaijan and then picked back up and tagged, etc, so it could take up to a few months for a special order. Sometimes we are not able to get the yarn colors that we want again. 

When will my order arrive in the mail?


In order to keep your socks at a low price point and to make our business viable we use the local post office in Azerbaijan to send our items. They do not offer tracking services, so we can only estimate when your items will arrive which is usually between 10-20 days.

In the rare case that your package gets lost in the mail, we offer to send a new item similar to what you ordered or refund your money. 

Please wait till three weeks after your item has been marked shipped until you contact us that your item has not come.

Thanks for your patience! Good things come to those who wait!

How can I care for my Item?


The yarn we use is 50% wool blend and is pre-shrunk. We recommend washing your slippers in the washing machine on cool or warm and then tumble dry on low.

The items also do stretch out a bit if you wear them, but they will come back into shape after washing and drying them.

If your slippers have a suede bottom you can wash in the washing machine on cold, but do not put in the dryer.

What can I do if my slippers get a hole in the bottom?


These slippers are not made to last forever as they are. Depending on how you walk and how often you wear them, they can get holes quickly in the soles. 

You can patch up the holes with a simple thread and needle.

You can sew an old piece of fabric (jeans or other tough material) on the bottom.

You can buy a new pair with suede soles sewn on. ;)

You can also purchase suede or leather soles on other sites on Etsy and sew them on yourself.

How can I order wholesale?


We offer our items at wholesale to be resold in stores, online, at parties, fundraisers or just if you would like to order a lot for yourself.  Wholesale is at least 20 items.  Send us a message and we will send you pricing.  

These unique items are a big hit and often sell quickly when told with the stories of our ladies.  Each item comes tagged with the name of the lady who knitted it.  Her story can be found on our page.